Does your shower door or tub enclosure need replacing? Just click in the movie below to see a variety of potential shower doors you could have in your home.

Shower doors in recent years have made tremendous strides in style and design.

Shower doors can be adapted to fit almost  any size bathtub or shower stall.

Fast Glass is a full service supplier of shower enclosures, offering an extremely wide selection of models, finishes & glass options. Our enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability.

When you want the very best shower door or tub enclosure to compliment your beautiful bathroom, Fast Glass is your answer. From standard shower doors and tub enclosures to custom heavy glass shower doors, Fast Glass can provide you with a quality shower door system at the best price in town.

Fast Glass also provides a glass protection system that prevents hard water, soap and other stains from adhering to the glass surface.

Cardinal Armor is a glass surface protection system based on a chemical process that links oxygen with carbon in the porous surface, blocking hydrolysis making the glass surface hydrophobic and repellant. Water beads up and runs off like quicksilver. The Cardinal Armor treatment leaves glass anti-static, repelling dust.

Cardinal Armor consists of multiple co-polymers that prevent hard water, soap and other stains from adhering to the surface. Dirt rinses away leaving the glass sparkling clear and streak free. Cleaning is far less frequent and much easier, without “harsh cleaners” of any kind.

Cardinal Armor Wash

Glass is protected perpetually by simply cleaning with the Cardinal Armor Wash as needed. When you order an enclosure protected by Cardinal Armor, you will receive a complementary bottle of Cardinal Armor Wash.

Fast Glass “The Most Trusted Name in Glass”

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