Once the wood on a deck starts to go bad, there used to be little anyone could do about it, until now. With our new deck refinishing materials we can cover your existing deck with long lasting waterproof aluminum decking.  Say goodbye to annual deck maintenance.


“Ariddek” is an aluminum deck board with a tongue-in-groove design that creates a beautiful, low maintenence deck surface while providing the added bonus of an intergrated gutter system for a dry, usable space below the deck.  The safe, non-skid textured surface naturally stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking planks and enhances the character and design of any architectural style.

Here is a recent deck that is shown in before and after photos. As you can see the old one really needed fixing and the new one is beautiful and will last for years.

Ariddek, is beautiful, durable, low maintenence, easy to install, and waterproof.

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